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What is scale calibration?
Calibration of a scale is a procedure in which a technician uses known NLST Traceable weight certified by the States of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska Bureau of Weights and Measures, to adjust the accuracy of your weighing device.

Why is calibration needed?
All scales need to be calibrated when first placed into service to insure accurate operation. Any scale will, in time, drift away from its original calibration. Wear of mechanical components, age and degree of use all contribute to calibration drift. The many require that any scale used to sell a commodity or service must be inspected and certified as to its accuracy. Ace Scale Company can provide your business with the scale certification it needs.

How often must I calibrate?
There are several factors to consider when deciding on frequency of scale calibration testing is scale operating in a hostile environment? How much is this equipment being used, one two, three shifts, only several times a week? Are there Quality Control parameters which must be maintained such as U.S. Government or ISO 9000? How long can your company afford to allow scale equipment to operate with a possible error in weight reading?

How can I set up my equipment for regular calibration?
Ace Scale Company will assist in setting up your custom program by taking into consideration all of the above questions. It is recommended that scales be calibrated quarterly, however, many times a program is initiated that begins with a high frequency of testing and then is adjusted to the equipment needs. Ace Scale Company will perform the tests as prescribed in the calibration and test procedure statement.


Test procedures will be adhered to, unless other test procedures are requested by the customer. All tests should be completed and the initial error properly marked before corrections are started (including cleaning). If the equipment is not operable upon arrival and the repair changed the calibration, indicate so in the initial error section ("not completed – equipment inoperable"). All errors will be indicated in divisions, not graduations. Review the instruction page for completing the Calibration Report before beginning work.

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